About Us

Hello everyone and welcome to our website. Let us give a brief introduction on the owner of this cattery, a young couple named Nora & AC (owns AllegraCatz Cattery), a bunch of animal lover who are currently being a hooman slave to their royal dolls. We are a Malaysian CFA and FIFE registered small cattery located in Subang Jaya, Malaysia. We specialised in showing and breeding pedigree Ragdoll according to the breed standards and used to breed British Shorthair cats too. We can proudly say we are the FIRST Ragdoll cattery in Malaysia that carry & breed the lynx/tabby Ragdolls. We take pride in caring for the health and temperament, as well as the type and beauty of our dolls. Our kittens come from well established and genetically healthy bloodlines. Our breeding cats/parents are tested negative of FeLV*/FIV*/HCM*/PKD*. We are a closed cattery and we do not provide stud service. So please stop inquiring us on this!

We breed cats as our hobby and we are a small home breeder with only a few litters a year. We prefer to focus on the quality of the kittens that we produce over quantity. Our kings have their own large separate enclosure in our home and allowed to come out and roam under supervision during the days. Our queens are always free roaming indoor and allowed full access to the house. Our main priority lies with the health and temperament of all of our breeders and their kittens. They are our family members and are treated royally, as are their kitties. Staying in an atmosphere of love and trust and giving back these feelings of 200%, the kittens grow surrounded by loving care and love. In order to equipped kittens beforehand they will be litter box trained and will learn to use scratching posts. As with all our kittens, they will be weaned, eating solid food on their own, and will be ready to start a life with their new human family.

As a devoted breeder, our goal is to produce & raise healthy, beautiful, loving, socialized kittens and Ragdoll of exceptional size for others to love. Breeding is a hard job it is a serious, time intensive, an expensive undertaking nonetheless I am happy I can give my cats and kittens plenty of care, love, and attention that they need. Becoming a cat breeder consumes a great deal of time and money and is unlikely to provide any kind of return on investment however, the joys, rewards and enjoying your gorgeous show cats, sharing them with others and the pride of having a winning cat at the cat shows is something that simply cannot be explained without experiencing it.

Special thanks to our mentors from all part of the world - from America, Canada, Europe and Australia, you know who you are - although we live far from each other with the different time zones the guidance and advice given are treasured always. Not forgotten to our breeders that entrusting their cats with us- They flew hours from all over the world to reach to us~Thank you so much without you guys there will be no CaramellaDolls Cattery.

We believe that breeders need to attend to cat shows to keep updated on the breeding standard, therefore; we regularly exhibit our cats in CFA & FIFE shows. We too would personally like to thank all previous judges for loving our cats and using them in their finals during the cat shows.

For future owners, I would like to stay in touch with you and encourage to send me pictures & videos as your kitten grows up. It would be lovely to see how well they have developed over the times and raised with your lovely family. Thank you