Care For Our Cats


  • Pet Food
  • We only feed high-quality Grain Free Food ORIJEN - Six Fish or Chicken & CARNILOVE – Large Breed / Chicken Rabbit
  • Raw Diet
  • We feed all our cats and kittens raw food too, mostly quality human grade raw meats. Our kittens are also introduced to a quality wet food so that they are well used to it in case new owners cannot always provide good quality raw food.

    Kitten/cat is to be kept indoors in a clean environment with adequate facilities for exercise and all veterinary needs will be met, with a yearly health examination

    • Vaccinations & Dewormed
    • When our pets/show kittens move to their new home they are at least 5months+, spayed/neutered, vaccined, dewormed, registered certified pedigree and raised with us with lots of love, tender and care
    • Declawing
    • Please do not buy kittens from our cattery if you intend to de-claw them! There are various ways to deal with scratching cats and No declawing is not in our list. You can keep your cat's nails trimmed, buy them rope scratch posts and other scratching toys for them


    • Cature Wood Clumping Cat Litter