Kitten Policy

Your future kitten will be health checked and come with proper health records, vaccinated and dewormed on schedule. We will only rehomed them at least by 15-18 weeks of age. We will always be available to any of your queries you may have in regards to our kittens. For those who require transport of the kitten, there will be additional shipping charges at extra cost to the new owner of the kitten.

All kittens leaving our home will have included:

  • FIFE or CFA registration papers
  • After Fully vaccinated
  • Dewormed on schedule
  • All kittens will be altered (spayed/neutered) if not for breeding
  • Veterinary health records
  • Documentation for export (when required)
  • Kittens Packages (including food and toys)

Reservation policy:

  • Kitten reservations will be on a first come first serve basis from receipt of 50% non refundable deposit. If a deposit is not received, there is no guarantee of receiving a kitten, please do take note

Our kittens are strictly not allowed to:

  • To be resold, Leased/ Given to Pet Shop/ Rescue Center or Laboratory
  • To Be Declawed – please do not get from us if you intend to do so!
  • Unattended roaming outdoors

Notification to buyer:

  • It is my intention to find permanent placement for our kittens but if the buyer can no longer keep a cat, I will be notified and given first right of taking the cat back.